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Left Shift to Dodge when Slo-Mo

Destroy the Tower

Don't Die


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Tower of the Final Bastion is both slow moving and fast paced, with plenty of action going on around you as you make your way to an endless string of deaths. The visuals are pretty rad, looking like an 80s sunset kind of setting, but I feel the audio is a bit lacking, being only the sounds of the tower viciously shooting at you. Overall, it's a fun game that I enjoyed playing, and it seems like a good foundation for something more.

Good job, devs. You made another neat thing.

I swear I was *this close* to the center of that pillar. Anyway,  killer graphics! The movement did feel kinda slow but I think you can make your player "seem" faster by texturing the floor so that you can gauge the speed you're going at a bit better. The needles and the lasers also felt like it was too "luck based" but it did get my adrenaline pumping when I was really close to the button. But yeah, really cool game and seriously those GRAPHICS!

Yeah we're going to add a texture to the ground for sure. I'm looking into adding slow mo for when you are about to get hit so hopefully that will fix it. 

Thanks for the compliments :)


It was hard to really get what you were going for. First Person Shooter without shooting as anther put it. While I can say that dodging was a good idea for movement I don't think it was implemented in a way that felt natural or responsive. Maybe slow down the world as you dodge to give you a sense that something happened would be my critique. Other than that it was simple and once I got my head around the idea I was able to finish it no problem.

Thanks for the feedback! I agree the dodging needs to improve.

Game looks amazing, didn't get the theme at first but now I get fps without shooting also found out the best strat is too move sideways and use shift as a sprint

Also after destroying the tower it closing jump scared me a little bit

Good job

haha thanks we appreciate it! 

Yep lol. That's how I beat it too. 

Looks great, but you move so slow and the dodge doesn't feel very responsive.

I completely understand. It's supposed to be slow because it was way too easy when you were faster. Still though I get what your saying!

Thanks for playing :)


Movement is way too slow compared to the projectiles/beams. You're not actually dodging anything because it's almost impossible to tell where a beam is going to hit and because the hitbox is unclear. Even if you can see the beam coming, there's rarely enough time to move out of the way. Also I think the movement vector is not normalized (?)

That was purposeful, but I do get what you're saying. If we ever do this idea again I want to make it faster for sure. 

Yes it is normalized. 

Oh and did you dodge with shift?

Yeah, I did. Still felt a bit slow :<

After seeing a bunch of feedback I agree that the speed is off with what the game is. It WAS the point of what we were going for, but we have some ideas on how to improve it!


I'm not even going to rate or play this game, because I fail to see how it fits the theme of the game jam.

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We shot for a first person shooter without a gun, so we figured we would add in a dodge mechanic and then we just kind of went crazy with it.


Yeah, it looks very interesting, but the problem is, it's just not a shooter anymore. At all. Sorry that your game got out of hand, because I think it had a chance, if you stayed on track.